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Outfocus Productions is a studio created by HKU graduates in 2015, specializing in documentary filmmaking, its works include Battle of Hong Kong short “A Veteran Returns” and feature documentary “Road Not Taken”

Hong Kong Independent Film Festival (Hong Kong Umbrella Movement Exclusive)

Seoul Independent Documentary Film & Video Festival

Chinese Visual Festival (United Kingdom)

'Seeing the Unseen' Film Festival (Taiwan)

Road Not Taken

“Road Not Taken” DVD are now sold online!

Ever since our premiere one year ago in Hong Kong Independent Film Festival, “Road Not Taken” has been screened dozens of times in local communities and universities, and in oversea film festivals as well. Its popularity and well-reception far exceeded our expectations, so we decided to produce DVD for the film, so that a wider audience could be reached.

We have successfully crowdfunded the DVD production on Indiegogo in December 2016. The DVD and poster are now available for local and international purchase on our website. Income from the sale would contribute to the running cost of OutFocus Productions. We hope that one day we can have a stable financial balance, to fund our work in documenting this society in the time for great changes and turmoil.


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