Store FAQ & Help


  1. Why can’t I change the postal fee and mailing address?
    You can change your mailing address in the 【Checkout】page. Once your mailing address has been changed, the shipping fee would be automatically updated on the shopping cart.
  2. What are the ways of payment?
    We only support Paypal payment (MasterCard, Visa, AE, JCB, Union Pay). If yowould like to place an order with a cheque/ ordering officially for an institution/ make a mass purchase, please email us at [email protected].
  3. How long will the shipping take?
    We will mail your purchase with standard shipping within 3 working days. There may be delays during public holidays.

Step-to-step guide

  1. Click ‘Buy Now’ in the main page. You will be taken to the “Road Not Taken DVD” shopping page. Follow the same step for other products in the online shop. 2017-02-02 00_25_16-Outfocus Productions
  2. Click ‘Add to Cart’ on the product page, and continue browsing. If you wish to make a donation, you can write down your donation amount and click ‘Add to cart’.
    2017-02-02 00_26_13-《未竟之路》DVD影碟 - Outfocus Productions
  3. You can always check your shopping cart at the button on the top.
    2017-02-02 00_26_24-《未竟之路》DVD影碟 - Outfocus Productions
  4. After checking the products in the shopping cart, click ‘Proceed to Check Out’. To make changes, click ‘Update Cart’. 2017-02-02 00_26_46-購物車 - Outfocus Productions
  5. In the ‘Checkout’ page, fill out your personal information. The default billing address is the same as the mailing address, you can check that on the column on the left. We charge HKD$20 for all Hong Kong local mailing fee. Shipping fee is HKD$50 for international address.
    2017-02-02 00_27_36-結帳 - Outfocus Productions
  6. Double check your the item and the shipping fee in your order, then click ‘Go to Paypal’.
    2017-02-02 00_27_44-結帳 - Outfocus Productions
  7. In the Paypal check out page, the page would refresh to show the seller email as [email protected]. Fill in your Paypal account information or sign up for an account for making the payment.2017-02-02 00_28_41-Pay with a PayPal account
  8. After completing the payment, a notification on the completion of purchase would appear. We would notify you again when we have mailed the product.
    2017-02-02 00_30_18-多謝你的訂購 - PayPal