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SCMP – How documentary on Hong Kong localist politician Edward Leung, Lost in the Fumes, came to be made

“It’s a relatively short period for a documentary, but within this time frame, he went through the cycle of ups and downs most politicians would experience in their entire career,” says Lam, who graduated last year from the University of Hong Kong with a degree in comparative literature and French.

Lam’s film depicts many of the recent big moments in Hong Kong politics, but it was Leung’s surprising candour and vulnerability that would leave the strongest impression on her.

FZ Fitfteen 5 Year Anniversary

Last Saturday (10/12/2016), Road Not Taken Dir. Samuel Wong was invited to Taipei attending Taiwan premiere of the movie. He also attended the FZ Fitfteen 5 Year Anniversary ceremony, the first documentary cinema in Taiwan.  Media Coverage by The Central News Agency in Chinese