Lost In The Fumes


Daring youths flinging sweat and shedding blood for ideals and innocence that come at a price.

Edward Leung was an average student before he unexpectedly finds himself at the focal point of two Legislative Council elections. While winning over 60,000 votes in the By-election would have guaranteed Edward a seat in the next round, his ticket to LegCo is forfeited when the regime imposes extra measures in the nomination process. Having once claimed that “be it crawling or creeping in, I will become a councillor”, he can now only take the sidelines and put the backup Baggio Leung into the race. On the other hand, Edward finds his free days numbered as he faces three counts of rioting charges for taking part in the Mong Kok Protest. Once an eloquent rising star in politics, now he may as well be a doomed prisoner. As the oath-taking controversy and the disqualification saga unfold, Edward retreats from the spotlight and decides to leave for further study in the United States while chaos continues to reign over Hong Kong politics.


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#兩場門票開賣中多位嘉賓都分享左佢地係首映的嘅感想,想睇就快啲買飛入場啦!https://goo.gl/Go2R8d「這套紀錄片呈現了青年從政真實亦殘酷的一面」— 黃之鋒 「很貼近現在年輕人的心境,對我來說是一個時代的寫照」— 馮敬恩 「在一年來,梁天琦的心路歷程、他的想法等等,電影都捕捉到」— 李怡 #早場有飛 #映後感言 #地厚天高 #自主特區黃之鋒 Joshua Wong 羅冠聰 Nathan Law 梁頌恆 Baggio Leung 游蕙禎 Yau Wai Ching 亂世備忘 Yellowing Ng Ka-Leung Enoch Tam 李怡 撐傘 Raise the Umbrellas Billy Fung

Posted by 地厚天高 Lost In the Fumes on Monday, 4 December 2017


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