Road Not Taken


A review of this student movement from their very own perspective:

“Road Not Taken” – A Feature-length Documentary of the Umbrella Revolution

After the failed Umbrella Revolution in 2014, lives go back to normal, but the scenes of the great protest are like yesterday for Billy and Popsy, students in the University of Hong Kong who took part in the movement. One of them now becomes a student leader, while the other chooses a low-profile life as a private tutor. Amid the rapid social changes, when the Communist Beijing government is extending their influence to Hong Kong to take away the freedom and democracy, how would the youths see their future? Do they still see hopes, when both peaceful protests and radical actions seem to be futile?

“Road Not Taken” DVD are now sold online!

We have successfully crowdfunded the DVD production on Indiegogo in December 2016. The DVD and poster are now available for local and international purchase on our website. Income from the sale would contribute to the running cost of OutFocus Productions. We hope that one day we can have a stable financial balance, to fund our work in documenting this society in the time for great changes and turmoil.

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